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News - SD On Air


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From an idea of Pasquale (1SD600) the Salerno Team of the Sugar Group Delta organizes the first “Sota on the air” event; the competition will see the activation of 4 peaks (or more…;) in the Province of Salerno active time to time with a particular call 1SD / MSA…. from 1 to 4. System: #Log system. Possible other Mounts! MSA/5-6…

The competition will take place from 15/08/2022 to 15/04/2023, at the end of the competition for operators who have connected at least 3 peaks a special diploma will be sent in electronic format.

1SD / MSA1 = Monte Cervati (1.898 m) by 1SD600 Pasquale & 1SD385 Michele
1SD / MSA2 = Monte Tubenna (834 m) by 1SD401 Raffaele & 1SD444 Antonio
1SD / MSA3 = Monte Marzano (1.527 m) by 1SD385 Michele
1SD / MSA4 = Monte San Michele di Mezzo (632 m) by 1SD002 Andrea


Award Manager 1SD004 Paride