Part 1: January 1 to February 28
Part 2: June 1 To June 30
Part 3: August 1 to September 30
Part 4: December 1 to December 31

For Single operator in a Division
1SD/30Y , 163SD/30Y, 30SD/30Y
For Multiple operators in a single division:
16SD001 Xavier -> 16SD/30Y/A
16SD002 André -> 16SD/30Y/B
16SD003 Toni -> 16SD/30Y/C

QSL Manager :
11SD001 Tito
PO Box 905
San Germán, Puerto Rico


Normal Contribution: $3+ SAE

Logbooks :
A progressive number must be given at all times
The chaser does NOT need to send QSL Cards only a chaser log book of which can be downloaded from www.sugar-delta.org
Send your Logbooks to: hb30y@sugar-delta.it
Paper QSL Card
Will be designed by Tito and printed via Toni 027, it will be a three sided QSL Card representing each decade of our group from the 90's to the present day.

Trophies / Certificates;
The Chaser most divisions worked 1st, 2nd & third place Trophies & Certificates there after.
The Call Sign Operator most progressive numbers given, 1st, 2nd & third place and Certificates there after.
Award Certificates & Trophies.
Will be organised by Tito 11SD001
All costs for postage and printing will be paid for by the SD HQ.
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