SD World Contest


SD European Contest 2024
Contest Manager 161SD077 Jerry

Contest Logs : Please use only accept official SD Log Sheets.
They can be downloaded from the web site

Log excel

Log pdf

Rules and Guidelines
The contest is open to all groups.
First Weekend Start: 19th October 2024 @ 00.00 GMT
First Weekend End: 20th October 2024 @ 23:59 GMT
Second Weekend Start: 26th October 2024 @ 00.00 GMT
Second Weekend End: 27th October 2024 @ 23.59 GMT

(All logs must be in GMT time) Please make sure you know your local time in GMT before you start the contest,
as you will be disqualified if you start before 00.00 GMT or end after 23.59 GMT.

Sending Logs : Emailed logs must be sent well within the deadline date: 31st December 2024.
Any logs received after or on this date will be void.
Scores: 1 point for each contact multiplied by the divisions worked is: 50 progressives x 10 divisions = 500 points. You MUST give and receive a progressive number, contact with ALL stations are valid only if a progressive number is given between both stations, NO PROGRESSIVE NO POINT! The only acceptation will be: when working an SES, DX, IOTA or Zero. The contact (in the log) will be accepted providing the contest manager can obtain a copy of the log book of the activation to confirm the contact and WILL be acceptd without a progressive number received or given. Who can you contact
You can work operators in any division including your own.

Contest Logs : Please use only accept official SD Log Sheets. (Do not colour in any of the log book pages, please black and white only) Participation If you participate within the contest please ALL send in your logs whether you have made 1 contact or more, this will be very much appreciated.
Calling Frequencies : 27.595 and then QSY to any frequency for the QSO providing it is within your countries local laws
and regulations. You can use 27.555 if your radio will not transmit on 27.595,
I ask all where possible to use 27.595 to avoid making to much QRM on 555 for those who do not participate within the contest
to give them a chance to make some DX.
27.275 : I recommend to use frequency 27.275 in the contest who has problems with radio police
and has no opportunity to work higher than 27.405.

Trophies The first top 3 finalist SD members Single and Multi operators will receive a trophy each.
The first place single operator NON SD member will receive a trophy.
The first placed Multi Operator NON SD member will receive a trophy.

Good luck to all!
Jerry 161SD077

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