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The contest is open to all groups.

- First Weekend Start: 10th November 2018 @ 12 GMT
- First Weekend End: 11th November 2018 @ 12 GMT

- Second Weekend Start: 17th November 2018 @ 12GMT
- Second Weekend End: 18th November 2018 @ 12 GMT
(All logs must be in GMT time) Please make sure you know your local time in GMT before you start the contest, as you will be disqualified if you start before 12.00 GMT or end after 12.00 GMT.

Good luck .......

More infos

New member in Holland

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New member in Holland
Hello FM,s
We have a new member in Holland


73,s 19SD115-Jody
Coordinator Netherlands
World HQ member
Province Director NB-LB-ZL-GL-UT

13SD138 – Maya

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13SD138 – Maya

Hello friends.

Old member back in germany:

13 SD 138 – Maya

Membership-fee for full membership has sent via paypal to Pierrot.

73´s de Oliver – 13SD108

163SD116 - Kerry

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163SD116 - Kerry
Hi all,

Welcome to 163SD116 Kerry, back into the family

Vy 73

Xavier 16SD001

Directory Team member