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Start Date: 11/09/2022
End Date: 30/09/22
Call Signs:
26 SD/ ERll Scott.
26 SD /ERII Jason
68 SD /ERll Leonard
108 SD /ERll Brian.
163 SD / ERll Richard


Normale Contribution + SAE
QSL Manager 30SD020 Vicente


We all have seen the News of the Passing of our Beloved Queen Elisabeth ll on September the 8th 2022 after serving more than 70 years as our monarch and done so till her dying days.
She was a rock of which the very foundations of our new diverse United Kingdom were built on, defender of the faith, our head of state and some would say our second Grandmother.
She was all we knew in our lifetime, and always gave comfort to may in hard times, through the Wars, the Covid pandemic and more.
She devoted herself to the job and what a job she has done.
Her Courage through her personal family issues in the past and the loss of her Beloved Prince Phillip was remarkable she carried on no matter what and that Is the strength she always had, she vowed to serve till her dying day and that she did without blemish. With Dignity, Humility, Consistency, and love for all in the UK, Commonwealth, and all around the World no matter what Faith or ethnicity you were.
There are some who are not Royalist’s and would not share the same thoughts of many, However, she was a Devoted Sister, Mother & Grandmother who deserves the respect and humility she gave to all others.
We don’t see what goes on in the background in the monarchy we only see what is on the TV, however, the Queen made it much more approachable and transparent for all to see.
Ma’am you have made good your vows above and beyond we could ever think, we thank you for all you have done, you can now rest easy knowing you have fulfilled your duty to the very end, and we thank you for giving your life to us all.
From all here in the Sugar Delta International Radio Group our Sincere Condolences to all members of the Royal Family like everyone across the Globe have lost such a constant and loving presence in their lives.
The Crown has passed to King Charles 111, and I am sure he will continue where you left off Ma’am with the same, Humility, Care & Love for all, he will as you have had during your reign the thanks of a grateful nation.
God Save the King
In respect for Queen Elizabeth 11 we the Sugar Delta Group will do a special SES Station from the UK nations and any UK Dependencies or Commonwealth countries that may want to join to give a tribute to the Queen.
We will have a Paper QSL Card with a contribution of $3 USD the remainder of any contributions after postage will go to The Prince of Wales Trust of which King Charles lll started all those years ago to help the less fortunate to fill their dreams.


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From an idea of Pasquale (1SD600) the Salerno Team of the Sugar Group Delta organizes the first “Sota on the air” event; the competition will see the activation of 4 peaks (or more…;) in the Province of Salerno active time to time with a particular call 1SD / MSA…. from 1 to 4. System: #Log system. Possible other Mounts! MSA/5-6…

The competition will take place from 15/08/2022 to 15/04/2023, at the end of the competition for operators who have connected at least 3 peaks a special diploma will be sent in electronic format.

1SD / MSA1 = Monte Cervati (1.898 m) by 1SD600 Pasquale & 1SD385 Michele
1SD / MSA2 = Monte Tubenna (834 m) by 1SD401 Raffaele & 1SD444 Antonio
1SD / MSA3 = Monte Marzano (1.527 m) by 1SD385 Michele
1SD / MSA4 = Monte San Michele di Mezzo (632 m) by 1SD002 Andrea


Award Manager 1SD004 Paride

31SD000 - Club Station

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31SD000 - Club Station



Start: 14/05/2022
Activated by: 31SD001 Carlos, 31SD707 Luis and 31SD688 Angelo


Voluntary Contribution + SAE
QSL Manager 31SD001 Carlos
P.O.Box 1217
8400 - 998 Carvoeiro




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Start: 03/06/2022
End: 05/06/2022
Activated by: 161SD102 Darek, 161SD051 Luk, 161SD103 Dawid

IWI – Majdzka Mala Island participates in the World Islands Festival 2022


Normale Contribution + SAE
QSL Manager 161SD102 Darek