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3SD220 Jap

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3SD220 Jap
Sad news,
A good friend 3SD220 Jap (SD more than 10 years)
is RIP (05/04/2019).

Best regards.
Nilson 3SD001

14SD/PE-508 Pech de Therme

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14SD/PE-508 Pech de Therme
14SD / PE-508 Pech of Therme 1673m & 14SD/PE-139 Roc de Batail

Team: Chris 14SD221
Place: Pech de Therme, loc: JN02RV Ariège Pyrenees, near Tarascon, department 09
Active 11 m (565) and PMR C8 (QSY C7)
FT857D, 5/8 Fuchs, 8 elements 446, Liffepo4 20Ah

Only eQSL via Chris Radio

Good luck ..... :whistle


World Contest 2018 (Results)

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World Contest 2018 (Results)

WORLD CONTEST 2018 (Results)


1- 26SD117 Geoff – 109x32 – 3488 points

2- 1SD168 Marino – 35x18 – 630 points

3- 12SD124 Gustavo – 23x11 – 253 points


1- 14SD000 – 24x9 – 216 points


1- 1AT014 Vincenzo – 22x9 – 198 points

Other Results

Best regards.

Alex 50SD001

New Members

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New Members
New members this last month ....

1SD210 Martino
1SD979 Michele

3SD153 Nilson

13SD110 Dieter
13SD151 Tom

14SD381 Dominique
14SD974 Yohann

26SD9938 Andy
26SD9939 Brandon

30SD211 Pedro

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30SD211 Pedro
Sad news.

Today got the information that our good friend
Pedro - 30SD211 has pass away.

Rest In Peace good friend.

Sergio 30SD001


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Result is ranking of activation 14SD / France98 / 20Y

  6 Operators made 11 contacts + Joker
(After the draw, only 3 lots)

1 ° 14SD120 Sébastien
- 11 contacts with joker - Transceiver CRT SS9900

2 ° 14AT592 Marcel
- 11contacts with joker - Maas RS-600 measuring device

3 ° 14SD150 Alain
- 11 contacts with joker - Mobil Sirio 3001 Mag Antenna

Thanks to the participants (78 logs received) which seems ok with a random spread ....
To the Activants who are involved in the life of the Group.



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Hi guys
New activity from Italy
Matera - European Capital of Culture
Activated by:
1SD010 Renato
1SD031 Giovanni
1SD033 Angelo
1SD145 Bruno

Start date 23/01/2019 ----- End date 31/12/2019

QSL Manager 1SD031 Giovanni

QSL Information via Mail

Voluntary contribution (Please sent an SAE)


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Activation on the occasion of the presence of Belem (only three French masts) in Port Vendres (dep: 66) for wintering.

14SD066 Jean Paul and 14SD166 José will activate

Start: 10/01/2019 to 31/10 2019 this event an SES.

QSL via French QSL Buro

QSL Buro
PO Box 30013
79370 Celles/Belle

Volontary Contribution (Please send an SAE)

Go to QSL Design

Official Website "BELEM"


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Start 05/01/2019 to 31/01/2019

"Special Event Station"
30SD/RM - Reyes Magos
34SD/RM - Reyes Mayos
49SD/RM - Reyes Magos
11SD/RM - Reyes Magos

Start Date: January 5, 2019.
End Date: January 31, 2019.
QSL Via: 30SD027 Mr. Toni

Contribution is Voluntary but any help with contribution is welcome. Please include an envelope with your address to return of QSL.

30SD001/RM - Sergio
30SD027/RM - Toni
30SD051/RM - Vicente
30SD141/RM - Lolo
30SD215/RM - Francisco
30SD592/RM - José Luis
30SD923/RM - Tomás
34SD666/RM - Julio
49SD243/RM - Tom
11SD001/RM - Tito
11SD101/RM - Joel
11SD119/RM - Mike

New! The Challenge...
Not easy but not imposible, If you get to work all 12 Reyes Magos Stations in the 4 diferent prefix we will send you a beutiful Electronic Certificate.

Good Luck.

QSL Manager
C/ La Serrella 21 - 5

Volontary Contribution.
(Please send an SAE)

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