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14SD/HF - D80

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14SD/HF - D80

14SD/HF - D80

This weekend, 8/9 Aug. we will be active in department 80.
Team 160 Jean Jacques, 176 Christophe, 177 Jean Pierre & 101 Francis
Good luck to everyone.

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New Member 19SD191 Rob

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New Member 19SD191 Rob
Hello I like to anounce you we have a new member in Holland.
19SD191 Rob.
Good luck and lots of fun with your Sugar Delta callsign Rob.

73s Jody 19SD115
Coordinator Netherlands
Province Director
World HQ member

Welsh Counties

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Welsh Counties

Start: 1st August 2020 ****** End : 31st December 2020


163SD/FL : Flintshire
163SD/PB : Pembrokeshire
163SD/GL : Glamorgan
163SD/MO : Monmouthshire
163SD/AN : Anglesey
163SD/ME : Merionishire
163SD/CA : Caernarfonshire

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There will be a tick box card for Confirmation with a voluntary contribution, we also have 7 County flag cards for collection, if the operator wants these card after receiving a progressive number then a contribution of $3 USD for up to 8 cards or $2 USD for 1 flag card will be required and a self-addressed envelope.

A logbook must be provided with all progressive numbers received.



You can also pay any contributions via Paypal to sd026.richard1@btinternet.com
If you do not have any USD Dollars.

There will be a second phase of the activations in the new year once the remaining county flag cards have been registered.

QSL Manager: 163 SD 001

PO Box 235

Regards Guys



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Activation from the Hauts-de-France region.


Start: 01/07/2020
End: 31/12/2020

At this moment, 259 Emmanuel, 247 Hervé, 177 J-Pierre, 160 J-Jacques, 101 Francis & 010 Jérôme will be on the air.
An Award will be sent by email to the people who contacted the 5 departments (02-59-60-62-80).
A single contact will suffice for a paper QSL exchange, not eQSL.
Voluntary contribution, but an ESA is desired.


Manager 14SD160 Jean-Jacques

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