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Victory Day 70th Anniversary
CONTESTSVictory Day 70 years devoted to the 70th Anniversary (1945-2015) of a holiday of a great victory over fascism and end II World War in Europe.

Dates: Every weekend from 18/19 April 2015 to 30/31 May 2015 (total will be 7 weekends).

Stations (UPDATED!)

- 3SD205-VD70 Rafael

- 14SD014-VD70 Jean-Claude

- 14SD063-VD70 Loic

- 14SD132-VD70 Jean-Claude

- 21SD153-VD70 Colin

- 43SD101-VD70 Geoff

- 50SD001-VD70 Alex

- 50SD005-VD70 Sergey

- 50SD104-VD70 Elena

- 50SD109-VD70 Vasily

- 50SD121-VD70 Oleg

- 50SD124-VD70 Mike

- 50SD147-VD70 Valery

- 50SD173-VD70 Yuri

- 50SD333-VD70 Andrey

- 302SD108-VD70 Nikolay

- 302SD109-VD70 Alex

- 302SD505-VD70 Vladimir

- 50SD000-VD70 Club station (only 9-10 May)

- 302SD000-VD70 Club station (only 9-10 May)

- 311/14SD014-VD70 Jean-Claude (only 9-10 May)

QSL Via Alex:
PO Box 3618
344022 Rostov-on-Don

Send your log please to no later then 31 July 2015.

Website: Click Here
26SD/IOW - Isle of Wight (EU120)

26SD/IOW (Isle of Wight - EU120)

QSL Manager
26SD005 Andy
Standard Contribution

Date: 18th & 19th of April
Start: Saturday 18th April @ 15.00 hours till 19.00 hours BST
Start Sunday: 19th April @ 10.00 hours till 18.00 hours BST

Progressive numbers will be given.
Freq: 27.570 +/- 5

31SD/000 Club station
SD Activations DX

Date: 18/04/2015
by 31SD/TEAM

QSL Manager:  31SD101

Po.Box: 39
2534-909 LOURINHÃ

Volontary contribution
Many thanks for your participation...73"s

14SD/D23 Department of Creuse (RARE ON 11M)
SD Activations DX14SD/D23 Department of Creuse (Rare department on 11m)

Activated by 14SD274 Yves & 14SD014 Jean Claude

QSL Card via 14SD160 Mr Jean Jaques - Voluntary Contribution

Active time to time throughout 2015

163SD/EU-124 Holy Island
SD IOTA163SD/EU124 Holy Island active on around 27.530 from 10am - 15.00

QSL via SD French Buro


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